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About: Strands Salon n Spa

The beauty industry is a 10,000 crore business in India, the salon business amounts to 5,000 crore making it one of the fastest growing industries recording an all time high of 400% last year. Strands Salons Pvt. Ltd. a leading salon chain having salons by the name of Strands (flagship of Matrix America's Number 1 salon brand) and Strands Lounge (collaboration of L'Oreal) has been immensely successful needless to say, being an associate to huge brand like "L'Oreal" and "Matrix". The company is growing in leaps and bounds and so is the urge to outdo the meaning of the word “Attractive”.

We endeavor to give appreciation to the not much reputed hair business here in India. We acknowledge the creativity involved in the area of “dressing the tresses”.

The salon provides a vast range of skin, beauty, hair, make up and spa treatments by artists trained by experts from L'Oreal, Matrix and Strands Academy. This wide range is complemented with technically perfect products to leave our customers totally satisfied. We safeguard our reputation as a leader and constantly sustain our relationship with our much-valued customers.

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