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Candidates are encouraged to come and visit the Academy before applying for admission. A pre-admission interview shall be conducted by the Academic team to evaluate specific training requirements of the candidate.

Registration for the course applied for, should be completed at least two weeks before the course commences. Interested candidates may call for an appointment during office hours from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday. To register, candidate has to fill a Student Enrolment From and submit it along with:

  1. Applicable Course Fee
  2. A proof of Identification (passport or any other photo identity card)
  3. 2 copies of a recent passport size photograph
  4. Academic certificate

Cancellations and Refund

Fee paid for the course shall not be liable for a refund unless the course is cancelled by Strands Academy London.

If the fee is paid, and for any reason the candidate is unable to attend the course, the Academy could shift him/her to a course starting at a later date in the next six months. In case he or she fails to join a course even in the next six months, his or her registration will expire.

Upon starting the course, if the candidate feels that he is not interested in it, he could request the Academy in writing to opt for a different course. This request has to be made within 10 days of commencement of the course.

Medium of Instruction

The courses are conducted in English and Hindi, and the candidate can write examination in English and Hindi only.

Policy on Equal Opportunity

Strands Academy London does not discriminate the candidates on the basis of race, religion, national origin or gender while evaluating them for admissions to its courses. Applicants seeking admission are offered seats on the basis of their interests to learn and acquire new skills, and are of strictly evaluated on the basis of their performances. Strands is committed to equality of opportunity in education, training and employment and promotes various procedures and practices to ensure it.


As an academy, we are offering subsidized education to both male and female of the victimized, abused and disabled sections of the society. According to research studies, it has been proved that 20% of the general population is retarded out of which 10% of those mentally retarded people have a very strong creative mind. So, Strands Academy will access their skills and if they feel confident, they will educate them for free and even guarantee a job for their secured livelihood.


Strands Academy is committed to equality of opportunity and fair access to assessment to all its candidates. Fair treatment of all candidates so that they are afforded the best opportunity to demonstrate their competence.


Students must attend 80% of courses the scheduled classes to be eligible to sit for the final examination. Excessive absenteeism will prevent them from getting their course certificate. Tardiness of more than 30 minutes counts as being absent from the entire class. Provision for catch-up classes shall be considered only if there is a serious reason and the proof of the same has to be forwarded to the responsible HOD.

Zero Tolerance

Strands Academy London shall not tolerate any kind of indiscipline which could be under the influence of drugs/alcohol, insulting fellow class mates either verbally or physically, damaging the property, theft racism, ragging, hatred or sexual harassment. Offenders will be dismissed from the Academy immediately and the tuition fee shall not be refunded or adjusted under any circumstances. In addition further course of action shall be taken against the offender.

Paying Guest Facilities

Strands Academy London helps in arranging Paying Guest facilities for outstation candidates.

Use of Facilities

Use of Academy facilities is restricted to fee payment and candidates are requested to honor the Academy’s rules and regulations in this regard.

  1. Smoking, eating or drinking inside the school building or in toilets is strictly prohibited. (Except water and refreshments during the breaks in the cafeteria)
  2. The pantry is strictly for the use of the staff.
  3. Littering is not allowed anywhere within the Academy or the Campus as well. Kindly dispose off waste in the litter bins situated in every area.
  4. The students will have to take permission from respective HoD’s if they need to go out of the Campus during the Class hours.
  5. As a therapist, you are responsible for cleaning your own work area ,removing oil product residue, returning supplies to the proper storage space, putting laundry in hampers and preparing the area ready for the follow up.
  6. Library books, videos and other reference materials shall be issued only after a request form has been filled & deposits paid. The candidates are expected to keep all the materials in immaculate condition until returned: else the full charge of the materials damaged shall have to be paid.
  7. The administration expects the students to observe all the rules & regulations that may be posted on the Academy’s notice board from time to time. You must observe any additional regulations, policies or procedures that may be posted on the student notice board from time to time.


All staff involved in recruitment of candidates, training, assessment and support will constantly review to focus on effectiveness of equal opportunities and assessment needs of the candidates.


In preliminary stage, the centre would be involved in the initial assessment of the candidate to identify their experiences and training needs which is very vital at this stage. This will enhance their commitment to the programme with less likelihood of premature dropping out.


Employers and training providers will incorporate a variety of technology into their operation to enable a wider spectrum of people to access employment and training. These high tech devices will also be provided for individuals with motor disability to operate computers with head, chin, light beams etc.


Promotion of fair assessment and access is an obligation, so it is acceptable that different approaches and support will be provided to allow each candidate to demonstrate their competence. At the same time the assessor must bear in mind that the assess methods are of equal quality and rigor.

In order to achieve successful implementation Strands Academy will:

In case of a matter related to this policy, candidate should immediately inform their centre in writing.


A thorough investigation is carried out on every complaint and appeal submitted to Strands Academy in the case of first two categories above the review forms part of a three stage review: appeals and complaints against assessments policy and process.


Appeals Against Centres:- In the case of the second category above, a registered candidate who wishes to complain must in the first instance apply to the centre and complete its own complaints and appeal process.

Unresolved Appeals: Although all appeals are normally resolved at the review stage, but candidates who do not feel that their appeal has been satisfactorily resolved have the right to take the appeal to the Group Appeals Board.

Appeals Against Results From Set And Marked Question Papers:- Appeals arising from examination results should be made in writing within two months of receiving the results to Strands Academy. A fee will be charged at this service and a full refund will be made if where the appeal is upheld.


We always try to ensure that Strands Academy professionals carry out their duties in a reasonable manner but there may be exceptional instances. In these circumstances, a letter of complaint should be addressed to the Customer Relations Department or simply write in the complaint register available in the office.

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