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  • The Strands Academy London guarantees 100% placement assistance to all students completing Level-III.
  • After finishing the course, every student will get the job in the salon as trainee and will be given a stipends according to their performance in the academy.

Performance Parameter:

  • Min 50% Marks is compulsory, otherwise students have to pay 10,000/- again and can apply for reappear.
  • With 50% - 60% Marks, students will get stipends of 3,000/-
  • With 60%-70% Marks, students will get stipends of 4,000/-
  • With 70%-80% Marks, students will get stipends of 5000/-
  • With 80%- 90% Marks, students will get stipends of 6,000/
    • After 3 months of training, our confirmation letter will be given and salary will be increased according to their performance.
    • Student has to sign a contract for a minimum period of one year only then he will get a job with stipend, otherwise student is entitled for a free salon training for one month without any stipend.
    • Student will be offered a job as per vacancy available in Indian Market.

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