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About: Faculty

All members of our faculty are experts in their respective fields. Professional guidance by Mr. Naunihal, Director of Strands Academy ensures that the students achieve best results. Extensive practical sessions and training on clients under the supervision of our faculty help to boost the confidence among students. In addition, the prime concern of the faculty is transferring of knowledge from their end to the students. Language does not act as a barrier and the classes are available in Hindi as well.

Strands Academy prides itself on the ability and dedication of the instructors, staff and school. Together with many resources available in school premises and class size for average students per group, the instructors demonstrate their genuine interest in teaching each student techniques, styles and directions that will be expected of the graduate in the field of cosmetology. Our experts are all geared up for the all round development of the aspirants. Hygiene & Personality sessions conducted by our experts are truly international in every sense, to prepare our students for earning a license to work abroad.

Located in Chandigarh and New Delhi, Strands Academy is a registered training organization. We prepare students for a well placed career in an industry - that is organically growing rapidly. A career in Hair, Nail, Make-up and Beauty management is not only financially sound but professionally rewarding.


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