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About: Perfect 10 Nail Spa

Perfect 10 Nail Spa is dedicated to helping you capture that tranquillity…dedicated to enhancement of our natural beauty.

Founded in 2009 by Strands Group of Companies, Perfect 10 Nail Spa Pvt. Ltd with its technical collaboration in UK has given a truly international model in Indian market in the shape of Nail Salons and Nail Bars. With a strong foothold in UK, it has launched its 1st Nail Bar in Jan 2009 in New Delhi- Strands Salon, GK-II, M Block Market and is growing conveniently all over India.


Explore the world of Nail Technology

Nail technology is an exciting, developing and rewarding profession. Each year, professional nail technicians perform more than million worth of manicuring, pedicuring, and artificial nailing of nails for fashion-conscious clients. The nail business has grown tremendously over the past couple years and will continue to grow. By attending our Academy, our students will learn the essential skills for success in this profitable field of work. If this is a right career for you, enroll now to start learning about how to reach your full potential as a Nail Technician or possibly a salon owner some day.

The Academy is committed to give the best and dedicated to providing high quality education that will support your personal and professional growth. All students attending the academy gain extensive knowledge encompassing all the various facets of cosmetics and their use and understanding of the history and development of beauty industry.


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